This week, I’m showcasing some beautiful pink flowers I had bought from a street vendor in Miami. While holding these flowers, all I could think of is one of my favorites quotes off Pinterest (I’m a serious obsessed pinner 😁😂 – see more quotes here!)  that says: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” Every time I read this quote, it is a constant reminder that every time I see another blogger get over 200 likes on a picture or gets nominated for a bloggers award, it is to see that everyone grows differently and everyone achieves their own triumphs in different ways! It is not about competing with other bloggers but HELPING each other grow. After all, what’s the point of reaching the top if there is no one to celebrate it with? I am so happy to have done this blog because it is not just an outlet to talk about fashion, but also to meet other bloggers and help each other out ❤️✨ So next time you are comparing yourself to another blogger or are envious, STOP! On the contrary, write a nice comment or try to meet up with them! Maybe you’ll end up being best friends 👯💘 Now back on the fashion route, I LOVE this outfit so much! It goes perfectly with each other and best of all? They weren’t even supposed to go together! For $4 a piece, my $15 booties and $9 hat, you could say I had a very triumphant day 😎💪🏼 I hope you like this sappy post 😂 and keep being yourself ✨ xx Gabby 
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Hat: DD’s|$8.99

Top and Bottoms: H&M|$4 each on sale

Booties: AE|$14.99


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