And so the holidays began. Christmas Tree Lightings, Family Dinners and Gift Exchanges are some of my favorite things about the holidays. But most importantly? Knowing that the Lord gave us the most important gift of all: the arrival of Jesus. This has to be by far my favorite time of the year and I’m glad I’m able to share it with the world. Since the weather has finally been cooler in Florida 🙌🏼 I love wearing long-sleeved turtleneck dresses. This one I bought in H&M for just $15 and it’s one of my favs. With my $20 over-the-knee boots, a fedora hat and this beautiful faux fur vest, it is the perfect outfit for a holiday occasion. I hope you enjoy this look! xx Gabby 


Over-the-knee boots: Charlotte Russe (Click to see their over the knee boots!)

Hat: $7.99|AEO 

Faux Fur Vest: $20|Charlotte Russe

Turtleneck Dress: $14.99|H&M

Necklace: $2|Rue 21

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