There’s always something so magical about ending a year and starting off fresh, having a little seed of hope that things will be different, where new goals are written and obtained as the year moves along.

As 2017 starts, I have committed myself to dedicate more time to blogging and have decided to redo my blog, which is why I haven’t written in an (extreeeemely) long time. I’m going to be completely honest: I do not like the name of my blog and have been unhappy with it for quite some time. It’s hard to write content for a blog whose name you don’t even like! Now…this doesn’t mean that I have finished my career as a blogger, but now that I am a recent graduate and am looking for a job as a professional, I do not believe my blog title will always fit into future outfits and does not describe who I want to be portrayed as. What is that, you may ask? There are no better words than the one Rowan Blanchard described in Teen Vogue’s December 2016 mag: “A smart girl is one who helps other girls, and uses her space to create more”. Yes, fashion is one of my passions, but I do not want to own a blog that just talks about clothes and what’s “on trend”. I want to be able to inspire others, to make them feel great in their skin, to be you. Will I stop creating looks that aren’t affordable? Absolutely not! It simply means I will 1)expand my budget and 2)expand my blog into a lifestyle one. I have many ideas in mind and cannot wait to express them as a newly, renovated blog. I’m not going to lie and be very real: coming up with a new blog name is H A R D. What blogs may not write on their posts are the many things you have to consider when coming up with a name, like: Is it tacky? Does it rhyme? Is it catchy? Will the public understand it? There are many things one has to consider in order to create the “perfect” blogging name, but I know in my heart the perfect name (in my eyes!) will come soon enough!

And now to the outfit details. I’ve been obsessed with pastels lately (so obsessed I even created a pastel colors board on Pinterest! You can check it out here) and couldn’t resist getting this bomber jacket. I mean, if “Support your local girl club” isn’t the ultimate caption, especially today which marks Women’s March, I don’t know what is! Of course, I added some 90’s twist with velvet heels and a fluffy pink handbag (to die for!). I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did ❤

Until the next post,



Bomber Jacket: Forever 21 – Similar here 

Mesh Top: Urban Outfitters – Similar here 

Culottes: Forever 21 – Similar here

Purse: Discovery Clothing 

Heels: Discovery Clothing – Similar here 

Photographer: Camila Serrano

***Location – Artegon Marketplace

***This location will SHUT DOWN on January 26th, 2017. Only Cinemark movie theatre and Bass Pro Shops will remain open.


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