My Eternal Valentine

February: a month known for L O V E.

More specifically, a month known for couples demonstrating their love towards each other, either by giving roses, a box of chocolates, or a huge teddy bear.

Even though it is great to receive these type of gifts from your other half, not all people receive it from their significant other, including me. Does this make me bitter? Does this make me say: I wish Valentine’s didn’t exist? NO!

On the contrary, it is one of the days where I feel most loved; not by a significant other nor my friends (even though they DO make me feel loved all the time!), but by two people that I owe them life itself: my parents. Ever since I’ve been a kid, there hasn’t been a single Valentine’s Day where I do not get balloons, flowers, my favorite chocolate (Ferrero Rocher ALL THE WAY), and other small gifts. It may not be the same love as getting it from a boyfriend, but it’s a small token of their love that goes a long way. This may be the season in where I may not receive gifts from my boyfriend or maybe next year or even in the next five years! Yet the best part of waiting for Valentine’s Day to arrive? It is to know that I always have and always will receive an unconditional, limitless love from my parents, and there are no teddy bears or chocolates that can compare to that kind of love as they are

M Y           E T E R N A L           V A L E N T I N E.

Most importantly, I have learned to have self-love through my parents’ love; they have taught me to be beautiful in my own skin, to love my flaws, and to love myself first before someone else can. So in this Valentine’s, I encourage you to enjoy the season you are in, whether it’s single or in a relationship,  to love yourself and to let yourself be loved by the ones surrounding you. For this special day, I surrounded myself with strong, poised, charming, boss bloggers that scream self-love! They encourage you, make you laugh, inspire and aspire others through their writing and it would be a shame if you do not do yourself a favor and read their posts! Each and every one of us have a distinct definition of what Valentine’s means, yet we all came together in the name of love, unity, and killer fashion of course! I hope you enjoy these pictures by the extremely talented photographer Shakira and follow each and every one of these special girls to cheer you up and brighten your days; I know for sure they do mine 🙂

Have a great Valentine’s!

With much love,



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