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Expression n.

  1. the act or instance of transforming ideas into words, or;
  2. a manifestation of an emotion, feeling, etc, without the use of words.

It seems that nowadays expression has become a double-edged sword; a mere act that can save or kill you. We express ourselves to fit the norm of society’s standards while others conform on the idea of whatever society says you should stand for. Yet I say, be authentic in a sea of unoriginals. As I express myself through items of clothing and color, you may find your own way of expressing yourself and when you do, never stop expressing the real you. If there’s something I love about being a blogger is the fact that you find expression in the same creative community and it can be found through photographers, stylists or artists, such as this mural painted by (artist).  One of my favorite things to do as a blogger is to look for street art expressed by amazing people that aren’t afraid to tell their story or express their thoughts. As I express myself through clothes, I encourage you to live without the fear of your way of expression and pursue what truly lets you express yourself as your true self. After all, expression is merely just a word if you do not act upon it.

On a side note, there’s a new taco place in town called Hunger Street Tacos and man oh man, is it good! From the open backyard, Frida Kahlo wallpaper (yes, whom halo braids are inspired from!), and a sick mural created by artist La Piztola, this taco joint has no problem expressing their love for tacos and sick art.

Until the next time!



Sunglasses: Rayban  > Affordable version here 

Mesh Top: Forever 21 > Similar here  + here 

Silk Dress: Kendall x Kylie for Pacsun > Similar here 

Fishnet socks: Forever 21

Boots: Nine West > Similar here 

Backpack: Zara (sale) > Similar here 


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