The Oscars

And the award goes to…

No, not the infamous finale that got Steve Harveyed (you know, the one that crowned the wrong Miss Universe in front of national tv…yeah. Not a good thing to be famous for).

The award really goes to…

Best Foreign Language film winner Asghar Farhadi.

Why, you may ask? If you watched or didn’t watch the 89th Academy Awards or mostly known as the Oscars, let me give a recap of this moment: this director made an impactful political statement by being absent in the Oscars out of respect for the people of his country Iran and the other six nations affected by Trump’s travel ban. What’s more amazing? The woman that gave the speech for him, Anousheh Ansari, was the first Iranian woman to visit space; talk about #girlpower! Political or not, there’s something admirable of Farhadi’s absence that we can all relate to: it made me think of how we as creatives have the power to rise, to support, and to inspire through our creative outlets, be it by film, art or blogging. It is not through violence nor hate that we will inspire our peers, but rather through small acts of powerful statements that define our victories, such as being absent as a form of protest. I hope that through this small yet powerful act we can all learn to stand for what’s right and to speak on the wrong

So join a girl gang (not an actual gang but one that screams #bossbabes), talk about something you see wrong and always strive to inspire others on the way.

Until the next post,



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