Smart Girl Talk 

I’ve been considered a smart girl all my life. My mother always pushed me to have excellent grades, I took AP classes, and I did everything in my power to finish college before I turned 25 (Proud to say, mission accomplished and at 23!).
Every time the term “smart girl” comes into conversation, it is assimilated with being someone that has straight A’s, is part of the school honor society and has applied for medical or law school before she can even start her college years. Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong being known as “the smart girl”, what if being called smart is not just because of your book knowledge? What if it involves more than academics?
While I was reading Teen Vogue’s December issue, Yara Shahidi (from black-ish!) said something that stuck with me: “To me, a smart girl is much more than somebody who’s academically astute. She’s bright enough to know that she has something to contribute, and she expresses the confidence to share that brilliance with the world-whether it’s through design and fashion, academia and coding, or whatever her gift might be”.

You see, being smart is not only what you learn from books, but it is the power to contribute our knowledge in order to build each other up and inspire others along the way. As a fashion blogger, there exists this misconception that all we portray is a “perfect” instagram feed and just talk about clothes, but is that an enough reason for that person to not be considered a “smart girl”, but a “superficial” girl? Amanda from As told by Amanda, Mackensey from Moor Modern, Samantha from And Samantha, Stephanie Cardenas from This So Called Utopia, Stephanie Velez from Rags and Grace, the three beautiful sisters Mariela, Karina, and Amira from Cocoa Lifestyle and many other amazing bloggers are living proof of what a smart girl consists of: inspiring, honest, raw, and beautiful inside out. I encourage you to be smart in the way that you define it and let that “smartness” shine without fear of what society has to say.

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>> Special shoutout to Camila Serrano, my photographer who always captures my vision and encourages me to follow my dreams, you are definitely part of what a smart girl encompasses ❤

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Denim Jacket > Forever 21

Skinny Scarf > H&M

T-shirt > Zara

Dress > Forever 21

Black Boots > Nine West

Purse > Ross


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