Tro pi ca land

Now that you have seen the list of places to visit in Puerto Rico, there’s no trip completed without a wardrobe, especially when it comes to the Caribbean! For this trip, I totally focused on bright prints and colors to go with the tropical vibes Puerto Rico has to offer.

O O T D    I

Boater Hat: American Eagle Outfitters > Similar here

Bamboo Bag: Cheap Creep > Similar here

Palm tree jacket: F21 > Similar here

Lemon bodysuit: F21 > Similar here

Culottes: Zara (sale) > Similar here

Sneakers: Converse 

O O T D   II

Off-shoulder top: Urban Outfitters > Similar here

Double-buckle belt: Discovery Clothing > similar here

Mom jeans: Thrifted at Salvation Army > similar here

Sneakers: Converse


Headband: Urban Outfitters 

Silk crop top: Marshalls Puerto Rico

Mom jeans: Thrifted at Salvation Army 

Heels: F21 

B E A C H   O O T D

Sunnies: Ray-ban

Bikini top:  American Eagle Outfitters > Similar here + here

High-waisted shorts: thrifted at Salvation Army > similar here

Sandals: Kensie (black)

Pineapple bag: Francesca’s collections > similar here + here

Pineapple cup: Five and below > similar here

Never flown to the Caribbean and don’t know what to wear? No worries! I have curated some tips and tricks to keep in mind when traveling to a tropical country:

  • Do research. Every time I travel to a new country, I research places that I would like to visit so I can have an idea of what to wear. For example, Old San Juan is full of colorful buildings, palm trees, and the ocean breeze is just a couple miles away! With this background in mind, I came up with bright colors and patterns that would complement the location.
  • When at the beach…think what you actually take to the beach! If you don’t take a beach towel, a beach tote, sunscreen (and aloe vera for the sunburn!), a good novel/magazine to read, or a mat to sit on, why even bother calling it a tropical getaway?! These minor details can make a difference in your beach getaway; you’ll end up spending unnecessary money plus there’s always the chance that it won’t fit into the luggage.
  • Check the weather! This one is SO important to do!!! I will admit, I swore it was going to be sunny the whole five days and WRONG. It rained  poured two nights in a row (we actually lost power one of the nights but no worries, we got it back in a couple of hours!) Moral of the story? Keep in mind tropical weather = bipolar weather, so carry closed-toe shoes and at least a waterproof jacket so your clothes nor shoes get ruined!
  • Mix and match pieces. If you’re going on a weekend getaway or a two-week vacation, take pieces that are easy to mix and match! Not only are you saving up space for things you WILL buy, but you can create new outfits while reusing the same pieces.
  • The more, the accessories that is! If you’re afraid of taking pictures of “the same ootd”, there’s nothing that a choker, a bandana or great sunglasses can fix! They seriously can change your outfit from blah to bam! with just a statement piece.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle S H O E S. The hardest one, at least for me (sigh!). I always strive to keep it on a minimum of five different pairs of shoes: one for everyday activities (like walking around town), one for the beach/pool area, one for going out at night, one for the airport (there’s nothing more annoying than taking shoes on and off during TSA!) and one for bad weather (sandals + pouring rain = NOT cute!).


I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips + tricks! Un til the next post,



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