Color Me Happy

What makes you happy?

They say it is the small details that matter, and I couldn’t agree more with that statement, such as the beginning of Spring. Every time I think of Spring, it makes me dream about the new blooms at a flowers market, sunny days at the beach and the perfect breeze hitting my face on my convertible buggy. In a world where we are always focusing on the big picture, it is so important to stop and notice the small things around us. Happiness is truly felt when we stop and not only notice the small details, but appreciate them. If you don’t already know, colors warm my soul, make my heart full, and truly put a smile on my face, hence why I decided to share my little moments of happiness in the hopes of putting a smile on your face. I truly want you to think what makes you happy and incorporate it more as part of your daily life.

Until the next post,



Sunglasses: Target > similar 

Bomber Jacket: Forever 21 > similar 

T-shirt: Five and Below > similar 

Jeans: H&M > similar 

Heels: Forever 21 > similar 

Sandals: Kensie > black + multi-color



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