Compare me not

Comparison: we all go through it; it’s our human nature to compare ourselves to others. Being in a world of bloggers, it always feel like a competition of who has the most perfect feed, the most likes, the most engagement, the most collabs; in reality, the most in everything to see who survives in the concrete jungle of blogging. We all want to be successful, we all want our voices to be heard, and we all want to make it to the top. Spending hours and hours in social media can take you into a world of comparison to see who’s a better blogger, which then leads to see who’s the “best” blogger, sometimes making you fall into what seems an abyss that leads to a path of envy, insecurity and self-destruction. Worst of all? We feed our brains with society’s standards which are driven by glory, praise, and approval, yet we fail to recognize the pain, suffering, and unhappiness that follows with comparing ourselves to others. I would be lying if I said I haven’t compared myself to other bloggers, wondering why she gets the collab I want or why she is sponsored by the brand I love instead of me.

This past Sunday at church, one of the main points discussed was how

comparison is the death of contentment…

Do you realize that by comparing yourself to another blogger or athlete or student or whoever may be, you are killing yourself? That there is no space for happiness because you have decided to substitute your happiness to comparison? That we spend so much time counting the blessings of the person in the screen in front of us that we don’t even fathom to count our own?

If you ask me, I refuse to be a dead person alive, walking around focusing on the lives of others instead of focusing on my own. I don’t want to be constantly reminded that my content is not good enough, my body image’s not good enough, that the way I express myself through this blog is not good enough because I let myself be sucked into the world of comparison. After this Sunday’s sermon, I had to re-evaluate the reasons why I was comparing my life to others, only to find out there are no reasons to compare. So you may be asking yourself: how not to compare? Simple: don’t. When you feel the insecurity rising, count your blessings. It’s time we learn to celebrate someone else’s good fortune than to compete on who’s “better”. It’s time we hold ourselves to our own standards of happiness than to follow society’s definition of happiness.

We are all unequal. We are all unalike. Praise it. Glorify it. If comparing yourself kills your contentment, why not choose life?

I choose joy over misery. And you?

Until the next post,



Sunglasses: Ray-ban (Similar style only $5!! here)

Jacket: Forever 21

Bodysuit: Pacsun – similar + similar

Jeans: Thrifted @ Salvation Army

Mules: F21

Handbag: Circus by Sam Edelman – Sold out | Other styles here 


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