Success: a double-edged sword 

A goal, an accomplishment, an achievement. It’s a word instilled in our vocabulary from a young age, provided with a list of goals we need to accomplish throughout our lives, most of the time trying to fit those goals to what society calls “success”. There’s not a doubt in my mind that  M O N E Y is in each and every one of our goal lists, including myself! But there’s a catch: money doesn’t always equal success because success is not based on how much you earn throughout the years, but on the steps you take to achieve your own definition of success. I think it’s really easy to succumb in a world where “money buys happiness”, but isn’t this an old myth? Don’t we see again and again that money can ease your life but it doesn’t guarantee a state of joy?

Now that I’m a recent college graduate, success is a word that has been constantly on my thoughts. It’s funny to hear “find a job where you make good money”, as if that will set the beginning of my success…wrong! It’s not uncommon to see successful people living u n h a p p y lives because they preferred to get the “job that pays the bills” and use that as an excuse to live comfortably, not knowing what would have happen if they actually followed their heart, maybe with lesser money, but nonetheless living an actual successful life. If I’m frank, whenever I think of the word “success”, I can only think one thing: to live a life I’m proud of; not the one that includes the job that gets me a good check, but one that I serve others, that I travel the world, that I change someone’s life by a simple act such as writing my thoughts so openly to the world. Whatever it may be, live a successful life as how Y O U define it, not what anyone else says! Success doesn’t have to be a double-edged sword as long as you are brave enough to live the life you dream of.

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Choker: Forema Boutique | Similar here 

Top: Ross | Similar here 

Jeans: H&M | Similar here 

Bag: Cult Gaia 

Flats: Boohoo 


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