Don’t hate, collaborate.

Can we just take a moment for this title 🙌🏼? A huge shoutout to my girl Mackensey from Moor Modern by giving me this name while brainstorming for one 🌟 And I cannot forget Amanda from As told by Amanda for preaching this topic when I met them this past Saturday 💥I’m truly blessed to have them in my life 💕 And now to the topic…

As I met with my girls Amanda and Mackensey this past Saturday, we started to talk about sharing information with other bloggers. If you’re a rookie blogger or someone that’s been in this industry for a while, it’s not surprising to hear the questions: how do you edit your pictures? How do you make your IG stories look like _____? How did you hear about the opportunity with “x” brand? Where did you shoot “x” look? As we ask these questions to find ways of being more successful, sadly, not all of them get answered. You see, there’s this myth that tells us if we share our tips and tricks for success, the blogger you shared it to will become more success than you and THIS. HAS. TO. STOP. As a plethora of bloggers try to find their niche, grow their following, and shoot at “exclusive” locations, the idea of telling our “best-kept” secrets to others appears to hinder you when in reality, it harms yourself. How can you inspire and support your peers if the actions preached are not acted out? If you wish others “success”, yet you cannot teach others what has made you successful? The fear of another blogger being more successful than you are because you shared your tools is absurd and rather than promote it, we should demote it. So what if you shared the photo editing apps you use or the location in where you took your Spring lookbook? There’s a thing called “originality” + “uniqueness” that is inside in A L L of us, in where it doesn’t matter if you give me the exact original steps, it will never be the same because I am not you. I am me with my visual creativity, with my own sources of inspiration, with my own ways of envisioning an outfit, a picture, an idea. Like my girl Amanda said, “It’s not about competition, but supporting each other” and she couldn’t have said it any better. As a rookie blogger, there are still 7364859 things that I have to learn and what better way of learning than by meeting girls that share the “don’t hate, collaborate” mentality to help build each other in areas that I am still learning to grow in as well as teach what I’ve learned. It’s a given, the point is to not be an exact replica of someone nor to have someone do the hard work for you, but we have to be reminded that this is a journey that we all share together and can help each other TOGETHER. Why compete when friendships are much more valuable? It’s not about who’s better, but how we can all celebrate our successes and share them to help others grow too. 

Until the next post, 


OOTD | Sunglasses: Sunglasspot | Earrings: Agaci | Top: Amazon | Culottes: Zara – similar here | Shoes: F21 | Purse: Cult Gaia 


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