The Sound of Love 

When life gives you lemons…you make a monotone yellow outfit 💛
For today’s look, I was going for a monochromatic yellow aesthetic since it’s one of my favorite colors to use this Spring/Summer ☀️ After watching two of my style icons, Julia and Maya from TheLineUp, make an Ikea lookbook YouTube video, I was completely inspired by their creativity and since I live five minutes away from an Ikea, why not make a cool concept a reality?! Yellow is one of those colors that looks good on all skin types and be it a pop of yellow with an accessory or a complete monotone outfit, don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your Spring/Summer wardrobe! Changing the tone now, I decided to write about the importance of love through music due to the most recent events happening across the world..Keep on reading below.


Sunglasses: Dollar Tree – Similar here | T-shirt: Ikea | Jeans: H&M – Similar here |
Shoes: Forever 21 – similar 

I see music as the words that are taken out of my mouth when I can’t come up with them, as the lyrics that warm my soul on a happy day or makes me cry a river in darker days. Music is a safe haven for many of us, giving us the chance to escape from the harsh realities we live in. With the most recent attack after Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, it seems as if this “safe haven” has been corrupted with terror and fear

But love triumphs fear, terror and hate.

These are the moments where we have to stand up together in solidarity and not let fear overcome us, the moments that we should let our unity be heard as the sound of fortitude, resistance and healing. We cannot let one moment of horror make us bitter or resentful of the world. I’m not going to lie: these are dark times we’re living in, making you wonder if there’s any hope left in humanity. As the world advances in technology, human emotions like compassion and empathy are slowly disappearing, making me wonder what happened with being kind to one another and yet instead, this “compassion” has turned into hatred and cruelty. Should we let this be the new way of treating others? On the contrary, let love resonate through your ears and take over your body; we have to take these moments to cherish the ones around us, unite with the power of lyrics and make it a global movement. Sometimes people’s actions show hatred and indifference to who they hurt, maybe even kill because they have no idea what it means to love and be loved. Let us show love through compassion, through words of encouragement, through kind actions, through musical unity. A small act of love goes a long way and can change someone’s day.

Stay colorful 🌈


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