Memorial Day ft. A Cocoa Lifestyle 

Hellooo!! Happy Wednesday!

 I am EXTREMELY excited for today’s post as Karina from the lifestyle blog, A Cocoa Lifestyle, and I decided to collab together and create a Memorial Day look completed with a picnic setting, a convertible buggy and a whole lot of laughs

Our vision was definitely retro Americana; think basket bags, glass Coke bottles, and the famous red, white and blue colors. When I thought of creating a Memorial Day look, I immediately thought of Karina! Every time I see Karina’s ootd’s and think of her style, she’s like the Venezuelan version of Julia Engel from Gal meets Glam (go check her out, you’ll see what I mean!). We both decided to coordinate our outfits and bring smocking dresses to life and OH. MY. GOD. IT COULDN’T HAVE TURNED ANY BETTER!! 

Her fellow sisters + founders of the blog, Mariela and Amira, were amazing at taking our pictures and helping us create the perfect picnic setting. I am SO happy with how everything came out and the way we complemented our outfits was to die for! As Memorial Day is the “unofficial” first day of summer, we wanted to create something unexpected instead of a pool + BBQ setting. As Karina focused on the lifestyle part, she decided to create a refreshing watermelon + feta cheese salad (whose recipe you can find on her blog, just click HERE) to accompany the picnic setting.

 As for my part, I focused more on the fashion side and wanted to change it up a bit! I know my style can be very daring at times (to say the least, lol!), so I knew I needed to think of outfits that would go with each other like PB + J. Hence, I saw this gorgeous smocking dress (hint: it’s a HUGE Summer staple!) and knew that it was the perfect dress for the occasion; to make it different, I added jeans (I hadn’t tried this trend and to say I’m OBSESSED is an understatement!) while Karina opted for a classic + chic style with a blue and white dress paired with nude sandals. 

Overall, our creative vision came to life and this is the final product! Go follow this gorgeous gal, she’s off to do great things! I’ve linked the details of this shoot below as well as her social media handles ❤

And as always, my blog wouldn’t be completed without an encouraging post written, right? Today’s topic is something related to A L L my posts and it’s about what happens when you blog as something out of your heart instead of a paycheck


Boater Hat – American Eagle | Sunglasses – Sunglass Spot| Lipstick – Colourpop in Creeper | Smocking dress – H&M | Jeans – H&M |Shoes – Nine West

Karina’s OOTD + Social Media

Instagram: @cocoa_lifestyle


Hat: Target |Dress: J.Crew | Bag: Zara


If I could get a dollar for every blogger that starts a blog solely for the money, I’d be a

m i l l i o n a i r e.

Now, let’s be real for a second: If a blogger is not even a bit interested in getting money on some type, shape, or form out of their blog, it’s a complete and utter lie. To be frank, getting money out of blogging is the DREAM; you can actually make a full-time job out of something in where you work with your favorite brands, promote products AND do this in your own time? Count me in, right?! Yet the problem is not getting paid for something that you love to do, but it’s when your PAYCHECK comes FIRST and your PURPOSE FOR BLOGGING comes SECOND.  

When I first started blogging in December 2015, I had this type of mentality (or along the lines). All I wanted was to get FREE CLOTHES sent to me because…well, do I need a reason? Hello, who doesn’t want free clothes from your favorite brands?! This was my primary purpose, really. And so, the journey of Fab Under Fifty (my original name) started and at first it was very exciting but as I started to get more serious about blogging, I noticed myself UNHAPPY because I wasn’t creating what I wanted, but was being influenced by what other bloggers were doing and writing about on their blogs. Talking about what I was wearing in 3 other languages became exhausting, overwhelming, and a hassle; moreover, I couldn’t fathom the fact that I was using my platform to just talk about clothes when there were global events (like the civil war in Syria) happening, yet no one was saying anything about it other than an Instagram caption or a tweet. Not that there is anything wrong about acknowledging it, but I PERSONALLY felt…superficial and all of a sudden, I started to sugar coat topics that didn’t seem that important. Overall, I got EXTREMELY insecure about my blog, my name (Also the fact that my mom’s girlfriends questioned my blog’s name because they thought my name was strictly for women that had to be 50 and UNDER when I meant wearing pieces of clothing that were 50 DOLLARS and UNDER to look fabulous didn’t help…at all!) and everything that I was doing, came down to a simple question:

What was I doing this for? What was MY purpose as a blogger?

And so, I started a new journey three months ago as She Wears Color. For me, color is a two-sided word: it defines my style, which is colorful, daring, and risk-taking, but it is also a word assimilated with happiness; this is where my posts come to life with messages filled with encouragement and positivity. When I found my purpose, it was as if a voice that was bottled up in silence was finally released to be real, honest, and authentic. It was so liberating to write what I wanted to write, what I wanted to share with the world, what I wanted my brand to be known for. Most of all, I was and am doing something out of the bottom of my heart, which is what EVERY influencer should be doing and not copying others. What sets YOU apart? What are your interests, aspirations + passions? What do YOU want to be known for?…

Influence people through the authenticity of your image and not through the prodigality (wealth) of your appearance.

(Aka, I could be a rapper, just sayin’ hahahahaha)

Being an influencer does not only give you the chance to make a living off of it, but the opportunity to inspire people and encourage them through your platform. When you only start worrying about numbers + likes + comments, your true happiness will become in jeopardy and you will start an unhealthy obsession with what you should strive for to get a paycheck and not what you should create for authenticity. It seems like a (very) scary thought to actually be your true self to strangers and speak your mind in an (overly) sensitive world where every word + opinion said out loud can be seen wrong, but you’ll not be doing yourself a favor if you are unhappy; it will show through your posts, your pictures and your content. Be proud of what you want to tell the world and do not be afraid of speaking (in a non-offensive way!) your mind! Don’t be the blogger frustrated about other bloggers doing this for money but set the tone and pave the way for the ones that are afraid of standing out. Even though there’s a sea of bloggers using their platforms for the wrong reasons, there will always be someone out there that shares the same vision and purpose as you. Transparency is the key to success. If there’s something not sitting well with your heart or you find yourself thinking about something that should be said, SPEAK IT OUT. Being honest is attractive and being a follower isn’t.

Stay colorful,



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