Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”

definition: beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.

Every time I hear this proverb, it always makes me wonder: what is beauty? Who can say what is beautiful and what isn’t? Beauty can come in many shapes and forms, yet somehow it seems that physical attractiveness seems to be the most important of all. What makes a person beautiful: is it the color of their eyes? Is it the shape of their nose, the hollow of their cheeks, the dimple on the left cheek? I remember when my girlfriends would ask me, what’s your type? I would always answer with: he has to be tall, green or blue eyed, blonde, have abs, etc. As someone in her twenties, I’ve seen how this doesn’t matter. Why do we have to like a person by their physical attributes? If people were to fall in love with what’s inside the person instead of their exterior, I don’t think there would be as much heartbreak as there, unfortunately, is. The reason why I’m talking about this topic is because lately, I’ve been seeing Instagram posts on the main feature page and many of the accounts I see are pictures of gorgeous women, but are always exposing too much skin, as if their physical beauty is the only thing they can offer through a picture. Now, when I see that you are doing it with a purpose, because you want to promote body positivity, because you want to change society’s standards, all I can say is: YOU GO GIRL! I applaud women that do not let society define their beauty. Moreover, you do not have to show skin to be considered beautiful. I decided to wear this outfit because I wanted to challenge: who would consider ME beautiful if I’m not exposing my body in a sexual/sensual way? Let’s change the way we define beauty and encourage the generations to come that to be considered beautiful you don’t need to succumb to society’s standards of beauty. I love seeing women breaking down the walls of the definition of a perfect body, showing stretchmarks, calling out the need of a thigh gap, and having a gap in your front teeth. It encourages me and inspires me to be comfortable in my skin, accepting that I am beautiful even if others cannot see it. It may be that these girls showing off their bodies on Instagram in a sexual way makes them feel beautiful, but it is important to note:

You have to follow your own definition of beauty. Teach others that beauty comes from within, not from outward appearance. 

Stay colorful,


OOTD Sunglasses (similar here) + Blazer + Gingham button-up shirt (similar here) – Thrifted at Salvation Army/ Banana purse (LESS THAN $10, YOU’RE WELCOME) – Aliexpress / Jeans – H&M / Silver Mules – F21 (a few sizes left! Similar ones here)


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