What Camera I Use

Hi everyone! Welcome back to a new post!

Today’s outfit is my third look (you can see look 1 here and look 2 here) in collaboration with SunglassUp! For these sunnies, I immediately thought of pastel colors to compliment the baby blue lenses and created a casual look that’s great for a stroll, hanging with friends or shooting at colorful spots! This mural created by Michael Reeder is one of my FAVORITE in St. Pete! The bright colors with the patterns tie everything together to make an amazing work of art.

You can shop my sunnies down below:


Now that you’ve seen how I created this look, I’m going to talk about one of my most-requested questions on social media: what type of camera I use and tips & tricks I do to create these images. SOOO let’s get to it! The type of camera I use (unless otherwise stated) is…

My IPhone’s 7 Plus Camera.

aaaaaaaaaand the secret’s OUT! That’s right ladies & gentlemen, I use my IPhone ONLY. Now, you may ask, why don’t I own a camera? Well, as some people like to invest in cameras, I invested in my phone! Plus I would prefer to spend that money on something else but hey, that’s just me! Seriously, the reason why I made the decision to have the latest IPhone (before the 8 and X came out) was mainly ITS CAMERA! I mean, I don’t think people really value the magic the Iphone’s cameras do but do not fret!

I’m sharing some tips & tricksthat I personally use to get some great shots:

  •  This may be the dumbest one (but also the most undervalued!) but please pretty please, CLEAN YOUR LENS BEFORE TAKING A N Y PICTURE. Besides being one of my biggest pet peeves (hence the capital letters), there’s nothing worse than taking the perfect picture and having it blurred by a fingerprint.Not accidentally blurred but blurred because you couldn’t’ take the sleeve of your shirt to clean the lens.So, clean it or weep it my friends!
  • Put your camera screen in a grid. The reason I do this because a)I’m a perfectionist (blame the Virgo in me) and b)it lets you align your picture before taking it. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings -> Camera -> Grid (move to the right to select it) and that’s it!   
  • You know that sun symbol that appears every time you focus an object in your camera screen? Yeah, that’s called YOUR BEST FRIEND. If you’ve always seen it but don’t know what it is, it’s a tool that lets you brighten or darken BEFORE taking a picture. When you open the camera to take a picture and focus on an object, you will see the sun pop up. If you want to brighten the image, you simply move the sun upwards with your finger or if you want to darken the picture, move the sun downwards. This tiny but mighty tool has saved MANY of my pictures, so use it wisely and play with it!
  • One of my favorite features of this phone definitely has to be the portrait mode. This function is what really takes a simple picture to a professional level. The portrait mode pretty much blurs the background of the photo and focuses on ONE object or person. Cool, right?! I use it mainly when I want to focus on my makeup and/or my accessories. It’s a great way to take your pictures to the next level without trying too hard.
  • Another favorite feature that I constantly use is the shutter feature. You want the perfect hair flip? Jumping in the air? Then shutter mode is your other BFF. You use this feature by leaving your finger pressed on the white button to take a picture, taking multiple shots at a time. So while you’re jumping mid-air or doing hair flips, the person behind the camera will leave their finger pressed until you stop doing any motion. After that, the pictures are automatically put into a folder on your camera roll that lets you select which ones you like and ta-dah! You have your perfect jump or hair flip picture ready to post.
  • Last but not least, don’t be afraid to teach someone how you like your pictures taken. Tripods are great and all (I have yet to dominate how to use a tripod well), but there’s no better security of what the picture looks like when a person takes it for you rather than standing in front of your phone praying that you took a pic of your whole outfit and lo and behold, you cut your head (I may or may not be talking from experience). Whenever I need a picture taken, I do ALL the steps above and I just make them click the button, literally. My mom has taken some of my pics (you can see them here), my sister (one of my favorite shoots actually) and last but not least, my blog would not be the same without my brother. He takes all of my pictures (unless otherwise stated) and understands my vision, sometimes even being better than I originally envisioned! Sure, this has cost me for half of my paychecks to go to Taco Bell and Lazy Moon but hey, he drives me around scouting locations and doesn’t complain after 3 hours of shooting so I’ll keep leaving my money to fast food and restaurants. When you need a vision executed, you cannot be mediocre and say, “the pic’s okay” when you won’t post it. Be assertive but also very nice about asking someone to take your picture, after all, they are doing YOU a favor, not vice versa!

Are there some tips and tricks you use

when taking pictures with your phone?

Comment down below!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay Colorful,



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