How to add sunglasses to elevate your look

Good Afternoon! Happy Wednesday!


I hope you’re having a fantastic start of the week! Today’s post is my LAST look with SunglassUp (insert sad emoji). I LOVED creating these 4 different looks for you guys, seriously! Driving to St.Pete, exploring murals, eating tacos, going to the different local businesses, and finishing the night eating beignets at one of the raddest places (I’m talking about The Poor Porker) was a great way to explore outside of Orlando and spend time with family, you should definitely try it! Even if you don’t live in Orlando, explore your state or city or country, sometimes the best type of traveling is not going thousands of miles away but it’s actually a couple hours away from where you live.


BUT back to topic, I’m sure you know I have a low-key obsession with sunglasses; love them or hate them, they are the perfect accessory to add to ANY outfit. For a very long time, I was insecure about using sunglasses because I had the perception that any type I wore looked ugly; round, square, aviator, any type I hated wearing them. As I got older, I got over that insecurity and haven’t stopped wearing sunnies ever since. So,

How do you incorporate sunglasses into your outfit of the day?

Play with shapes. What I mean is, try on different styles to a)find the style that best fits you and b)break the mentality that you can only wear one type of sunglasses.

Use them as a mood changer. I don’t know about you but wearing sunglasses changes my mood completely. I know, silly right?! But it’s true. I’ve become so accustomed to wearing sunglasses that I feel weird if I leave my house without them! If you’re feeling edgy, fun, minimal or just plain Jane, there’s a sunglass for each look! Or wear your favorite ones, whatever really gives you a mini confidence boost once you step outside of your house.

Invest in a pair of sunglasses. We always have that one investment piece in our closets that becomes our everyday staple, our confidence booster, our bff! Lol ok, I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. I have a pair of round Ray-bans my parents got me a couple of Christmas ago and they’re my go-to. They match with any style I use and it’s a timeless piece for me.

Have FUN and wear different types of sunglasses! I’m talking cat-eyes, round, rectangular, Curt Cobain inspired, wear them all! Try different styles, get a bright color, seriously have fun with them! I see sunglasses as a fun accessory to add to my ootd and are great conversation starters! So my mentality is, spend a few bucks on all the ones that are “on trend” and invest in that 1 pair (or a couple) that will always be timeless and in style no matter the time.

I hope this helps you give sunglasses a bit more credit than they deserve and start wearing them daily! Keep on reading down below for this week’s advice:

the importance of being in touch with your soul first, your blog second.

Stay Colorful,


Why it’s important to get in touch with your inner soul first, your blog second.



I️ am so glad I️ got to recently catch up with Amanda, a fellow Orlando blogger and friend. We were talking in her car when she mentioned something that stuck in my head (and inspired me to write this post) and she said how we have to be in touch with our soul first before being in touch with our inner blogger. Wow, deep huh? I️ mean, let’s think about it. As a blogger/influencer, we get so caught up in this social media world, perfectioning our feeds, making connections with other bloggers, filming the perfect video, working until late hours of the night to create the perfect social media kit, all of these details that make a blogger living “the perfect life” that what people do not realize is how out of touch we are with ourselves. After all, like Amanda said, we are humans FIRST and then follows whatever title we give ourselves.

I️ was so struck by this train of thought because when you get inside the blogging world and you get a taste of it, you start to find out how many bloggers are out of touch with their inner selves in order to satisfy their audience and conform to the norm, the stereotypical blogger, being one more instead of one less of the same robotic blogging world. At some point in time, when you start blogging, you try so hard to fit in that you forget the reason why you wanted to put in your two cents into this blogging world: to stand out. When I️ wanted to add myself to this blogosphere, I️ would spend hours on social media, studying other bloggers, reading their posts, seeing how they engaged with their audience, pretty much stalking them and wanting to fit in into their world so badly, not really knowing the damage I️ was doing to myself. First of all, obsessing over any person is unhealthy AF and second of all, what good could come out of trying to be another typical blogger? I️ mean, isn’t that why bloggers start blogs nowadays, to break away from the stereotype and create a new voice, a new niche?

Call me naïve, but I️ truly do believe that when someone starts blogging, they do it because they feel like they can add something different to what they’re used to seeing, not because they want to be like everybody else. Sadly though, everyone wants to be exactly like the girls they studied or the bloggers they’ve followed for years. And that’s why it’s important to be in touch with your inner self. You’ve got to know who you are as a person & a human being in this world in order to better understand whatever you want achieve later on in life.

When you realize how small the blogging world is and how far from the “perfect” world bloggers have created is, you will start being more authentic, you will start focusing on what YOU want to put out there for the world to see, you will start organically shedding the layers of a stereotypical blogger and start building a brand that makes you happy and inspired to make other people happy and inspired as well!

Yes, it’s awesome to create content, to share your vision to the world, to have others be inspired by you, but don’t put yourself in just one box when there are many other choices out there. When I️ first started writing blog posts, I️ would follow what other bloggers would talk about. I️ was so afraid of explaining my REAL thoughts & opinions that I️ suppressed what I️ really wanted to say and it worked!…but not for very long.

I knew deep down in my soul that I️ was much more than just “the latest shoe trend” or the “five ways of wearing a top”, I️ was much more than someone that just talked about my latest collaboration, I️ was much more than someone that did a shopping haul,

I️ was human first and then a blogger.

Are you?



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