Persevere like Frida ft. The Esperanza

Hi Hi Hi! Gabby here ❤️

I am very excited about this post because I get to wear a piece of clothing with one of the world’s most famous Latin American painters and an important woman that encompasses feminism, Frida Kahlo.

Frida kahlo Style She Wears color colorful style<<<<
ediately fell in love with this t-shirt from The Esperanza, an up and coming business selling fun tees for Latinas with cafecito (coffee) drawings, cactuses and Frida Kahlo as some examples; I’ve always been inspired by Kahlo’s hairstyle, colorful style & paintings. My favorite part is the saying:

Persevere like Frida.

<Frida kahlo Style She Wears color colorful styleFrida kahlo Style She Wears color colorful style<<<<<<
s an artist that suffered a lot throughout her life; she had polio as a child, got into a tragic accident that left her with a broken spine and pelvis and many operations, causing her pain her whole life and last but not least, her husband’s affair with her sister, nonetheless, she used art as a way to escape her world and kept working on her career as an artist. I think it’s important to always have in mind that life is just but an obstacle race and it is up to us to decide if we want to keep overcoming these obstacles or give up. Let Frida be an example of the definition of true perseverance and inspire you to not let obstacles impede you of doing things you love.

You can purchase the exact same t-shirt down below and check out The Esperanza shop as well! Did I say it’s only $22.49?!


Stay Colorful,



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