Last Post of 2017!

Hello all! Ahh I cannot believe I am writing my last post of 2017!

And what better way of ending the year than with a B O M B, killer outfit?!

I truly believe in placing what you desire out to the universe and with this outfit I wanted to portray power, confidence and being a boss lady! I’m in a time of my life where I’ve shed all my insecurities and have decided to own my body, my flaws and just own it, you know? Through blogging, I’ve learned that every person you follow shows a distorted version of reality and not everything you see is what it seems, so why keep trying to be someone who may also be battling with their own flaws and insecurities? It is best to be yourself and love yourself for what God has made you to be. And with this new mentality, I decided to wear a power suit that expresses my current state of mind. As I shared on my previous post about New Year resolutions, I don’t make a list of resolutions anymore but what I do wish for myself as well as for you is to keep growing every day, appreciate every moment, live in the present, and to keep being your (baby steps) colorful, daring self! Thank you for following along with this journey and I hope you can continue to keep adding color to your closet!

Stay Colorful,


TOPH&M (On sale for $12.99!!)

Blazer (Similar)
Pants (Similar)
Pom Pom Heels (Similar)
Disco Tumbler 

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