Colorful Faux Fur

Hey babes! Welcome to the first post of 2018!


faux fur she wears color shop bando

she wears color faux fur fashion shop bando

Today’s look is ALL about joining the Faux Fur gang! This week for some global warming odd reason, the temperature has dropped to the 30s in Orlando! Mind you, the lowest I’ve ever experienced in the last 11 years I’ve been living in the city beautiful is probably low 40s but 30s?! I mean, I’m not going to lie: no sweat, no oily skin, no humidity to mess up my hair, I’ll take it any day! I am OBSESSED (as any fashion lover) with faux fur; I love that you can wear it down with sneakers or make it glam with a dress and some strappy heels. Of course, it wouldn’t be me if I just wore a black fur coat, mine had to be BLUE! I saw this on the rack and was legit calling my name, waiting for me to buy it. The great thing about the holiday season being over is the great sales that come along, like spending just 20 bucks for this coat like WHAT?!

Tumbler: ShopBando | Sneakers: Torrid | Pants: Thrifted | Faux Fur Coat: Charlotte Russe (Sold Out online)

Websites that are having sale

on Faux Fur Coats

Charlotte Russe | Forever 21 | Boohoo


How do you style Faux Fur?

Stay Colorful,


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