Welcome to MOIC Miami

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

Hello darlings! Welcome back to a new post!

First of all, I want to start with a disclaimer:

Today’s blog post is one that I have mixed feelings about; I write this post with 100% honesty and authenticity; it is NOT my intention to offense, discredit or bash MOIC in any way, shape or form. This is a review of MY personal experience and the realitybehind my expectations for this place.  

If you have been following my blog, you can surely tell my obsession with color, right?! So when I heard that Museum of Ice Cream was not only created but a mere 4 hours away from me, I KNEW that I needed to visit it sooner or later. I hadn’t had any plans on buying tickets (as they were always sold out) until I got a call from one of my best friends asking me if I wanted to go with her; my response was: SCREAMING UP AND DOWN OF JOY!! OF COURSE I WANTED TO GO!!! It felt like a dream was coming true, a place that I had longed to visit was finally a reality! So let’s get right into it shall we?

First, let’s start with some tips before entering MOIC:

  • Before arriving to Miami, download 2 apps: PaybyPhone and ParkMobile. Since in Miami you either pay a garage parking or on the side of the road, it’s extremely important you can have both (Parking can be either one of these apps) in order to park. Also, practice parallel parking (God only knows it would take me at least 15 minutes to park inside the lines!!!)
  • Arrive E A R L Y, like 45-30 minutes early. Since MOIC is located right in the heart of Miami, this can only mean one thing: HORRIBLE TRAFFIC. I arrived around 5:15ish and was lucky enough to find parking right away on the side of the road for my 6:00 pm slot.
  • Wear shoes that are EASY to take off. When you go inside the Sprinkle Pool, you have literally 5 minutes and less to get in and take pictures. If you’re wearing shoes that you have to untie, best believe you WON’T be getting any pictures.

Now that you are prepped, let’s tour! There are 4 levels of MOIC, first up:


Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

Probably the most famous room (if not the most popular one!). This is the first room you encounter upon entering the museum. Before going in, you are waiting in a line witharound 20 people. There are rules such as no diving, no running and no swimming. When the doors open, you have to immediately take a right to put EVERYTHING in lockers (except your phone of course!); hence the easy to slip off shoes tip 😉 You have literally 2 minutes to take pictures in a pool that is filled with 20 people. Now, if you are fast, you will go to an area that has walls as a backdrop so people do not show up in your pics. If this isn’t the case, your best friend will be the crop tool. If you are taking a DSLR camera, you better have it set to its correct settings because there will not be enough time to look for the correct settings for the “perfect” picture. One of MOIC’s employees will shout a 30-second time left on the pool. By this time, the next group is already coming in to go inside the pool. This is the ONLY room that is timed; everything else you make a line and take however many pictures you’d like. Unfortunately, you better practice your best pose for the Sprinkle Pool because you will not get as many chances to retake a picture. Also, the sprinkles? They’re plastic.

Now you take an elevator and go to the SECOND FLOOR.

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

This floor is ALSO a popular one because it contains the cherry swing, the banana swing and the coconut room (The room that’s pink filled with circled mirrors; to be honest, I didn’t even know it was supposed to be coconuts lol!) The great thing about this room is like I mentioned above, there isn’t a TIMER set up, so you can take as many pictures as you like. There will be lines but they move pretty quickly. This is the first floor that gives you dessert; it’s a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and sprinkles (thankfully, they do not charge that or any other desserts!). It also has a room filled with colorful wallpaper and big ice cream cones on the floor.

You take the elevator and go to the THIRD FLOOR.

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color

When  you go into this floor, there’s a neon sign that says Ice Cream (I seriously wanted to take it back with me and decorate it in my room!) and they give you another dessert: melted vanilla ice cream. Now, this tastes REALLY good; however, think of it as a milk texture that’s heavy and so creates stomach aches. It was delicious but then my stomach hurt so take it at your own risk. The room next to this one is one filled with “sandcastles” that you can play with (pink sand included) and then standing figures that looks like “marshmallows” and the fun part is that some of them can be taken out and put back into place, which is great for little kids. At the end, they give you strawberry and blue raspberry gummies. Now, I don’t know who thought of entering the room with melted ice cream and finishing it off with gummies but let’s just say…it’s not the best combination. The gummies were okay; I’m not a huge fan of gummies unless they’re sour and they weren’t.

Last but not least, you arrive to the FOURTH and FINAL FLOOR.

Museum of ice cream Miami guide she Wears Color This floor has an open area with cool wallpaper (unfortunately, I went at 6:00 pm so it was too dark to take any pictures of it). When you first arrive to this floor, you make a line and it is a line to eat key lime pie ice cream (which you don’t know until you arrive at the counter and then you realized you made a line for nothing if you do not eat key lime pie ice cream, which was my case). There are some ping pong tables and then finally, the ice cream popsicle installation and ta-da! You are finished.

From here, you can either exit the museum or go into the store; I clearly went into the store. It is filled with different types of goodies, from earrings to pins to tees. The prices are a little on the expensive side (at least for me). Let’s just say my best friend acted as my voice of reason as I was about to spend $32 on a pair of pink and gold glitter palm tree earrings. The cheapest item that I saw were pins starting at $9.

And that’s it! Since we took pictures, my bff and I took around 40 minutes to tour the whole place. Without any pictures? Probably 15 minutes.

So, is it worth $38?

In true Gabriela’s voice: H E L L N O.

Would I go if someone else had written a post like the one I did? Probably YES just to experience it myself.

It is completely up to YOU how you want to spend your money, but in all reality:

I was disappointed.

There was SO much hype from this place that no one really said the REALITY vs EXPECTATION (unless you count Lindsey from Lemonhearted who was REAL AF and actually helped me and my bff get prepped for the museum, so thank you!!).

The only pro? GREAT INSTAGRAM PICTURES. So if you are willing to spend $38 to just have a picture in a sprinkle pool and fruit swings, you’ll have great pictures!

For anyone else that has gone,

Do you REALLY think it’s worth it? For anyone planning on going, does this post change your mind?  

Stay Colorful!


2 Replies to “Welcome to MOIC Miami”

  1. I totally appreciate your honesty! This place has definitely been of interest to me since I’ve seen it SO much on Instagram. My only problem was I couldn’t figure out it’s purpose. A museum should have some sort of history, no? Or else, like you said, you’re literally paying $38 for some cool pictures. I think it’s a neat concept but could use a little more to make up for that price tag! But what do I know? I’m stuck in the Midwest and probably will never go anyways. lol

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading!! I just KNEW I had to be straight up as I hadn’t seen any blogger REALLY talk about what goes on inside the museum! Like yes it’s fun and v Instagrammable but like you said, there should be something more for the price, at least the history of ice cream lol! And never say never!! I didn’t have ANY plans of going and the opportunity showed up sooo who knows if you end up going to a cool museum as well?!


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