How to style Tees



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Hi loves! I’m so happy to be writing back!

Today’s post is a VERY exciting one as I’m styling some tees from one of my favorite brands:


If I could describe my style in name of a brand, bando would DEFINITELY be my choice, without a doubt! They’re fun, colorful and the true epitome of fashion is for F U N.

I got some goodies from their shop and what better way of styling these tees than with a bright, colorful and fun rock n’ roll themed photoshoot?! I went to Disney’s All-Star Music Resort to shoot these looks and WENT ALL OUT. This has been by far the funnest shoot I’ve done and I am SO happy with how the pictures came out! So, you may be asking yourself,

How do I style bando tees?

  1. First and foremost, Have F U N! Bando is all about having fun with fashion, so pull out the colorful stripes, polka dots and every single colorful item in your closet!
    As fellow colorful blogger Siobhan from Just A Uniform says, “more is more, less is bore”. This brand is NOT about being shy, so why be low-key with it?
  2. Wear BOLD accessories! What’s a bando t-shirt without pom-pom earrings?! I wore these pom-pom beauties by local Orlando businesswoman B&B Designs whom I met at a blogger event and LOVED her designs!
  3. Be quirky, be weird, be YOU! Imagine if I had taken all the pictures serious, would it have had the same effect as they do now? I would say probably but I am 100% sure it would NOT. Don’t be afraid to show your happy, fun side and really enjoy the moment!

she wears color shop bando colorful blogger


she wears color shop bando colorful bloggerACS_0063ACS_0061


T-shirt + Tumbler : / Earrings: B and B Designs / Sunglasses: AliExpress /

Skirt (similar) + Mules (similar) + Basket Bag: Forever 21



T-shirt (similar) + Sunglasses + Purse: Bando / Pants: Thrifted (similar) /

Headband: Beya Accessories (similar) / Shoes: Forever 21


And that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did and inspire you to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and have fun in a shoot!

Stay Colorful!
xx Gabby



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