What is a Grateful Heart?

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Do you ever just space out about your life and think…All the things you don’t have?

All the things you wish you had?

All the things you want to accomplish at this moment, not later?

All the why’s not this or that?

If you’ve ever made these questions about your life,

Welcome to the ungrateful club: a place where we spend our days complaining from the smallest to the more unresolved, complicated things that occur to us in our daily lives.

I’m not here to judge you, if anything I’m making a self-assessment that I’ve decided to share in public with the hopes of re-assessing our thinking and be more grateful.

Undoubtedly we live in the millennial world, where now is the past and right now is the present but “hold on, I can’t have it right now” is frowned upon, is not accepted, it does not exist in our millennial vocabulary. Yet oddly enough, that’s what life is all about; obstacles are thrown at us like a game of dodgeball, only to find out that when you hit it back you end up hitting yourself. And when the unobtainable becomes unachievable right this instant, we throw a complaint party where we find flaws in everything surrounding us, from the way the sun shines and makes us sweat in body parts that shouldn’t sweat to our 9 to 5 jobs, our environment and everything in between.

God only knows how ungrateful and unappreciative I’ve been in life. I remember working retail and hating going to work, hating having to talk to customers, hating having to make sales, just hating the way my world was at that moment. I remember the times I would dream of leaving Orlando once and for all because I hated this city; I don’t think it had anything to offer nor was it cosmopolitan enough like Cali or New York and never called this place home. I look back at these moments and am terrified on my way of thinking; I was so close-minded and most of all, ungrateful. And then Pulse happened on June 2016 and my perspective of Orlando changed completely. Not only was I terrified and scared and sad, but was truly hurt because MY city was hurting, MY city was the one chosen to live through this horrendous event. Slowly but surely, I started to see Orlando with new eyes and now? I truly enjoy this city and everything it has to offer. Yet it wasn’t until I started my first “big girl” job in my field as a medical interpreter that truly changed my heart and perspective on life in general. It’s so easy to fall in a complain vortex, just complaining about everything but in the hospital? You were stopped in your tracks when I’ve had to give bad news about cancer, when I’ve seen a child lose their hair under treatment, when a patient had a stroke and it’s paralyzed on their whole left side. If I’m being truly honest, there were days right after an appointment where I would go straight to the bathroom to cry, crying out to God and truly feeling grateful and thankful for something as small as being able to wake up my eyes every morning, have a car that drives me around, have a steady job, have a roof under me, have both my parents and my siblings for support and a whole lot of reasons.

Granted, I had a rude awakening and some serious events in order for me to start feeling thankful, but here are some things that can make you feel grateful: List all the things you are thankful for. Be it something as small as having a/c from having a house, write it down.

  1. There’s always someone else that has it worse than you and don’t ever forget it. We tend to think we may have it bad, think twice. When we complain about traffic, there’s someone else that has to take the bus to get somewhere.

  2. Look around you and take it all in. No, but really, look around you: you may have it all and are so focused on what you don’t have that you forget to see what’s all around.

  3. Surround yourself with people that are grateful for what they have. I have a friend who is Orlando all the way and loooooves our city very much; being surrounded by that perspective made me see my city with a new set of eyes. Find people that see something in an area that you don’t and see how little by little, you’ll start being more grateful for what you do have.

  4. Once you find your gratitude, be thankful for it every single day. Once you start saying thank you for everything around you, your perspective about life changes completely.

I hope this inspires you to be more grateful, to see life with new eyes and spend the best of time with family and friends this Thanksgiving.Plus size blogger old navy fall fashion she wears color Plus size blogger old navy fall fashion she wears color

She wears color fall fashion plus size blogger


Scarf: vintage | Sweater: Old Navy | Pants(thrifted): similar | Faux Fur bag(Urban Outfitters): similar | Sneakers: Puma

Stay Colorful,


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