ShoeDazzle: Netflix for Shoes, but Better

As trends come and go, what will always last is looking for the affordable versions of shoes we would need to max out our credit cards for. Even more, wouldn’t it be great to find a space or a website where can find shoes personalized to our tastes and preferences without perusing countless amount of shoes that we would never buy or wear, a place where we should feel excited about picking our next go-to shoe, an experience that would offer the latest trends without breaking the bank? What if I told you this place already exists?

I present you your newest bff: ShoeDazzle or as I like to call it, the Netflix for shoes.  

She Wears Color plus size Orlando fashion blogger Shoedazzle

If you haven’t (or already have) heard about ShoeDazzle, this is how it works:

She Wears Color plus size Orlando fashion blogger Shoedazzle

Without leaving the confinements of your house (or you glass of wine, you know), you can go to to take a personalized quiz with questions pertaining to the type of shoes you would wear for different occasions and what are some of your favorite styles. Once you get the results, you are taken into your own personal showroom (did I mention without leaving your house? Can you say score?!) where you browse through hundreds of pairs showcasing the styles YOU love and chose. You can shop two ways: you buy a pair of shoes once or you can subscribe to the VIP membership for only $39.95 a month. Yes, you’ve read correctly only forty bucks a month! The best part? Not only do they offer shoes, you can also shop for handbags and clothes to create the stylish and affordable wardrobe of your dreams.  

She Wears Color plus size Orlando fashion blogger Shoedazzle

The perks of this subscription means…
– free shipping over $39
-free exchanges
-enjoy members-only sales
-skip a month if you didn’t get the chance to shop by the 5th of every month
-get 75% off your first order (that means your first pair of shoes could be less than $10!
-Just like netflix, you can cancel anytime

If you are an avid shoe lover like me, this is the subscription of your dreams. No hassles, a personal showroom, new styles added monthly and I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my home? Dreams do come true after all!

She Wears Color plus size Orlando fashion blogger Shoedazzle

With every Spring season, the usual culprits come to play for shoe trends: dad sneakers, sporty sandals and the irrevocably heeled mules. Mules, in my opinion, are the perfect middle ground between sandals and five-inch heels; they look great with a pair of jeans as well as a two-piece suit to wear for the night time. That’s why Minna, brought to you by ShoeDazzle, was the perfect pair for me: comfortable, stylish and affordable. Experimenting with other Spring hues, Minna called for an interest mix of hues and textures to create the perfect Springwear outfit.

She Wears Color plus size Orlando fashion blogger Shoedazzle

Now that you’ve found the Netflix of shoes, what are you waiting on to subscribe?

*These shoes were kindly gifted by ShoeDazzle

Stay Colorful,


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